What We Do

Spiral provides a spectrum of services to our customers specializing in the areas of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), Global Strike, Space, Strategic Deterrence, Cyber Warfare, and Missile Defense communities across the Department of Defense (DoD). These services include requirements definition and system / services planning; through implementation and operations; and finally, the sunset, transition and migration of legacy systems and data using the principles from the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) process. Spiral equips its customers with the expertise and tools necessary to meet or exceed specifications.

Every member of our team is an entrepreneur with a can-do spirit. Our focus is making sure our team always asks the question, "How can I make improvements, save resources, and accomplish the mission more quickly and effectively?"

Proven performance for managing large contracts with multiple subcontractors.

Team Spiral is the right choice as demonstrated by our successful history on multiple large software development and sustainment contracts, supporting tens of thousands of users and our clear understanding of current problems on each contract. We possess the skills, motivation, and ability to quickly identify and responsively correct real deficiencies that are impacting our customers. We improve the systems and processes by repairing the underlying problem that caused the deficiency in the first place. Our proven IT expertise/performance and low manpower turnover results in a historically stable workforce.

We build trusting relationships and a strong communication link with our customers.

In many cases, as complex as some aspects of a project may be, it's not the technical work which causes the problems. Effective communication is critical to mission success. Establishing strong communication and transparency isn't just about meetings. Spiral places an exceptionally high priority on developing trust and building a foundational team with our customer as our first priority.

Spiral has proven we can handle and excel.

Spiral began as a "small" and is now a "large" business with proven systems and processes that do everything they can to hold on to the small business commitment to personalized service. It is this steadfast commitment to personalized service which has enabled us to successfully transition and expanded our operations. We recognize in order to grow, we need to provide exceptional service to our customers. Spiral's accounting system has been audited and passed for DCAA compliance, proving to be risk free. Our Human Resource (HR) systems rival any of the larger companies and our recent Department of Labor (DOL) audit validated outstanding performance in this area. Because of our world-class HR staff and processes, Spiral transitioned from less than 60 personnel a few years ago to over 185 today. Our Program Management staff are PMP certified and trained in our ANSI certified EVMS system.

We have a proven history of turning around under performing / non-performing projects.

Team Spiral has proven success on contracts by injecting a boost of adrenaline into an average staff. In many cases we have turned around under performing contracts. We have shown by manning the team with a motivated staff and implementing effective management and training systems, we produce substantial savings for our clients without introducing risk. Our innovative approaches to complex issues, open lines of communications with our customers, and the utmost commitment to mission success lead the industry.