Aviation Support / PED Enabler

Spiral Solutions & Technologies (SS&T) is a recognized source of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) expertise throughout the DoD community. We provide intelligence analysis support for global ISR operations with experienced intelligence analysts, foreign linguist (language and cultural) expertise and proven hardware, network, and software solutions focused on the Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) cycle.

Our corporate staff, program managers, technicians, and support staff have first-hand experience that cover all ISR missions - from collection and analysis to dissemination and a variety of platforms. Our staff includes former active-duty Commanders and Directors of Operations of Reconnaissance & Intelligence organizations, Headquarters and MAJCOM Budget Analysts and Programmers, Mission Commanders, Linguists, Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, and Data Management Technicians that can provide an immediate impact in supporting global ISR operations.

Our experience with Intelligence Community (IC) processing cycles, network architectures, and common data standards provides our basis for developing global ISR hardware and software solutions. We provide the expertise needed to develop and integrate new tools and techniques to quickly, efficiently, and accurately process intelligence data. Our reduction tools and solutions provide secure, stable, and reliable methods to control processing and managing ISR data critical to PED activity.


Our ISR support includes employment of Learning Management System/Content Management System (LMS/CMS) systems. Currently we provide these services to the AF ISR Agency's Cryptologic Language Analysts (CLA) world-wide. Our staff includes former AETC Master Instructors and Instructional System Development (ISD) subject matter experts; they develop requirements-based CLA learning tools.

We train DoD personnel and intelligence production supervisors on the newest data management systems. We develop Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for incorporation into Standard Operating Procedures and develop lesson plans, training aids, and program specific instruction manuals for analysts and operators.

ISR Operations Support

We provide direct operational support to linguistic and cultural experts, intelligence analysts, and data flow managers/users with fused and raw ISR information to ensure the PED process enhances intelligence preparation of the operational environment. Our onsite mobile team assists production and training during Expeditionary Operations. We enhance PED by providing consumable data to analysts for distributed processing and intelligence dissemination. Our personnel, hardware, and software solutions deliver hands on processing support and provide field deployable tactical and reach-back capabilities.

Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) Enabler

We are committed to the highest standards for enhanced PED. Our data reduction and management tools, experienced ISR and training experts, and data flow managers track, exploit, and augment intelligence based needs. Our analysts provide system/program integration assistance throughout the PED processes. We develop learning and content management systems for ISR PED training and create solutions for evaluating and integrating Advanced Target Identification tools into the PED architecture.


Our multi-classification processing solutions allow data access at multiple levels while ensuring mandated internal management security. Our engineers field and provide systems administration support for data storage and distribution systems, and develop tactical systems for expeditionary operations. These capabilities provide:

  • Remote and distributed processing capability via minimal bandwidth resources
  • Rapidly deployable processing capability with minimal footprint
  • Stand-alone collaborative processing
  • Data mining support and remote access capability

Metrics provide a quantifiable representation of data collection and processing that enable managers to identify and correct potential dataflow errors and negative trends. SS&T developed the SIGINT Metrics Toolkit (SMT) application to generate the metrics necessary for analysis and production.


We manage local and remote global mission data production systems. Our conversion, formatting, filtering, prioritization, and dissemination tools are necessary to streamline the PED processes. Our staff reduces data processing requirements by 80% and enables remote and distributed processing of national database formats.

Our SMEs have vast experience in voice and data targets. Our data management processes evaluate and incorporate audio ID, data reduction, and target prioritization technologies into a single, integrated triage program. Our Speech Analysis uses a comprehensive library of the most current operational data to support evaluations on emerging technologies.


Our goal is to enhance intelligence data architecture for daily operations and the on-demand requirements for enterprise customers. Our innovative solutions merge new data types and sources into existing systems and can be scaled to meet growing needs. We assist in the transition from a federated PED (post-mission centric) environment to distributed operations (intra-mission).

Our technical staff ensures the data is reliable, available, and secure. Our IA experts deliver secure systems with all appropriate mandated policies and procedures. Our team provided the first ever fully accredited Common Access Card (CAC) authenticated AFNET/NIPRNet content management system for the USAF. We manage and employ DoD systems that comply with local, federal, and service component IA requirements for all classification enclaves.